The Top Healthy Dieting Rules You Should Be Following

Healthy Dieting Rules

If you are going to be dieting in order to lose weight you should strongly consider setting out a number of rules for yourself that should not be broken. Diet rules will help to guide your progress as well as ensure that you don’t end up cheating very early on in your diet and breaking healthy habits.

Here are some top healthy dieting rules that you should consider following for any type of diet program:

Always Eat A Quality Breakfast

While you may be tempted to skip breakfast on a diet where you have to track calories, it’s important to remember that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it provides us with energy to start our day.

Skipping out on breakfast in order to reduce some of the calories in your diet, will only ensure that you are very low on energy and extremely hungry through the entire day.

Eating around 300 cal in a breakfast meal with plenty of fiber and healthy fat will ensure that you can enjoy some extra energy to start your day and to carry you through the earliest parts of the day. Opt for something fairly healthy like muesli or oatmeal rather than sugary breakfast cereals. This will ensure that you can get plenty of fiber without having to resort to heavily processed sugars.

Stick To Mostly Plant-Based Nutrients

When it comes to really cutting weight in a diet it’s important to consider leafy greens and plant-based nutrients often. A plant based diet has been proven to be one of the best for cutting weight based off of numerous studies.

Although it can be difficult to commit to a fully vegan diet, introducing more leafy greens to your diet can help to reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and allow for better control of weight.

When you look at your plate for a typical lunch or dinner using this rule, make sure that the leafy greens included in each meal dominate the portion size. You can definitely be eating other things such as small portions of protein, meat, bran, fruit and more but make sure that the vast majority of serving sizes will consist of plant nutrients.

Be More Selective With Your Meat

Reducing the portion sizes of the meat that you are eating can be fairly helpful for reducing your fat consumption and calories. You do need to have protein in your diet especially if you’re planning on an exercise program.

A good rule of thumb however is to be a little more selective with the meat that you are picking for your plate. Consider lean and grass fed style beef as well as wild raised fish like salmon.

These types of cuts will generally be much healthier for you and contain greater amounts of nutrients for a smaller portion size. Although these cuts of meat can be a little more expensive, while you are dieting and working with smaller portion sizes they can be helpful.

Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

Cravings are definitely going to happen on any diet. When you start to taper off some of your caloric intake and when you start eating a little healthier it can be difficult to manage some of these cravings regularly.

By eating around 100 to 200 calorie snacks which are spaced at least three hours apart, you can work at controlling some of these cravings. Just be sure to include at least 4 g of fats, fiber or protein in these snacks and to make sure that none of the foods included in the snacks contain any type of refined sugar.

Keeping some of these items available in your lunch at work or throughout your home can be very helpful for reducing cravings and sticking to your diet.

Stay Hydrated

Part of any diet or cleanse involves really staying hydrated through the day. If you aren’t able to consistently stay hydrated you could find yourself missing out on some of the fluids that are required to keep your body going. Quality hydration through the day is one of the best ways that you can keep yourself feeling fuller as well as prepare yourself for exercise through the day.

Stick To Items You Can Understand

Just because a type of cereal or a breakfast bar may be labeled as healthy, that doesn’t always make it so. Many packaged products can come with items which are engineered chemically. Instead with your food it is a much better idea to consider going to the source and eating some natural products like nuts, dried fruits and more. This will allow you to more easily track calories as well.

Consider Opting For A Cheat Day

If you are going to be regularly exercising and dieting at the same time, having one day where you can just relax and eat a little bit away from your diet will not impact your progress to an extreme degree.

Just make sure that you are consistent when picking a cheat day and to not let your cheat day move into other days too. A really good rule of thumb for any cheat days to consider junk food that you can produce at home only.

This will rule out items like chips, heavily processed sugars and more. Baking your own fries at home or even popping your own popcorn will often be a healthier way to cheat with your diet and satisfy some of the cravings that you have been having.

Keep some of these top rules in mind for dieting and you can make sure that your diet can stay on track.