One Week, Ten Pounds

Losing Ten Pounds In One Week

Losing ten pounds in one week can be a challenge but it is possible. This quick transformation needs to be done carefully. Whether you are trying to lose weight for a vacation or for a big event, losing 10 pounds in one week will get you fitting into whatever outfit you choose.

“To lose ten pounds in one week you will need to control your food intake and maximize your exercise regime.”

No need to take diet supplements to lose the weight, you can combine the following tips to make it happen. You will also need to work on creating smaller portions and eat more protein and healthier carbs.

Losing Ten Pounds In One Week

Daily Menu


To start your morning off right, you will need to make sure your breakfast is only 300 calories and has some solid protein. An apple quesadilla with peanut butter or a whole wheat bagel with egg is a good start.

You could also indulge in some French toast with strawberries (but don’t add the maple syrup or too much butter!). For a health grain breakfast choose to have a bowl of bran flakes or oatmeal with some peanut or almond butter. Try not to eat high sugar fruits and be sure to drink a lot of water!


For snacks, aim to have 150 calories per snack. Some common options are a small container of Greek yoghurt, a small portion of cheese, a cut up vegetable with humus or some air popped popcorn. Eating snacks is actually important for your 10 pound weight loss journey because eating lots of small meals throughout the day help keep your metabolism running.


Next we hop on to lunch, which has lots of filling options. Keep drinking water (try to aim for 12 glasses a day). If you’re feeling some lean meat for lunch, try out a turkey burger with only a few heathy topping such as lettuce or tomatoes.

Turkey is an excellent choice as it also helps to release tryptophan which creates a calm and happy feeling. You could also try a chicken club sandwich since chicken is a lean meat that will fill you up. If you’re more into seafood you can eat a grilled shrimp Caesar salad.

Drink Water

Now drink some more water! Water keeps you hydrated and usually when you get hungry it’s because you’re dehydrated, not hungry. Avoid eating carbs during this week as they make you feel bloated and hold onto water weight.


Let’s focus next on dinner. No need to shy away some of your favourite food groups. Have a nice sirloin steak with half of a baked potato or a Mexican burrito bowl with brown rice and pinto beans. Be sure to fill half your plate with vegetables at dinner to stay full and healthy. You can still eat past for dinner, just be sure to get whole-wheat pasta and throw on a grilled chicken breast or salmon.

If you lean more towards the vegetarian side, a delicious option is the Portobello burger. Grill a Portobello mushroom cap on the BBQ with some balsamic vinaigrette for a fulsome and tasty entrée.

There are many things you should be avoiding during this week to keep shedding the pounds. Under any circumstances do not indulge in junk food. These foods are calories suckers that don’t leave you feeling very full.

They are normally highly processed and filled with additives anyways, which you shouldn’t be putting into your body. Instead, opt for some lean meat or veggies to keep your belly full. Another thing to avoid this week is drinking your calories. Instead, choose water, tea or coffee for your beverages as they won’t add unnecessary calories to your waistline.

Some people do really well with counting calories to keep their eating habits on track. IF this method works for you, be sure to download a calorie counting tool app to track your calories throughout the day.

Weight Training


You won’t be able to lose ten pounds in one week from healthy eating alone. You should also be working out during this time to really shed the pounds. If you don’t love going to work out, figure out what works best for your needs. Try out a few classes at your gym, get a personal trainer or try out a new sport. Whatever works for you, but keep with it.

High Intensity Interval Training

A good way of trimming the fat is to lift weights or HIIT (high intensity interval training). Weight training is actually better for weight loss than cardio, so don’t spend all your time on the treadmill.

For HIIT, try running multiple sprints with short rests in between. The beauty of HIIT is that they are short but high intensity workouts and will help you lose ten pounds in one week.

Active Living

Working out at the gym isn’t the only way you can be active during the day. You should be incorporating active living into all parts of your life. Try walking to work, even if its 40 minutes your daily walk will wick away the weight.

If you spend all day sitting at an office desk, make sure you get up at regular points throughout the day to take short walks. If possible, see if you can schedule walking meetings with your colleagues.

After you’re done your week of exercising and dieting, be sure to figure out your long term solution for keeping the weight off. You’ll want a diet plan that you can keep up.