Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements paired with exercise and a healthy diet has been a recipe for success for many folks who are trying to lose weight. What is most important is choosing a weight loss pill that works for your body and system. You will want to do some research to make sure the supplement you choose actually helps you lose weight as oppose to acting as a placebo pill.

Most diet pills act to reduce appetites, decrease the absorption of fatty nutrients or help improve the ability to burn calories. Read on to find out which weight loss supplement will help you shed that extra weight quickly and safely.

One you may have seen in the news recently is green tea extract. Taking green tea extract on the regular helps increases levels of norepinephrine which helps improve our fat burning abilities. It also cleans up skin and helps tackle wrinkles. Drinking green tea is also really beneficial for weight loss as both the tea and pill have antioxidant effects and help burn fat faster.

If you are looking for something that has been tested over decades, phentermine will do the trick. It has been used for over 65 years but it does require a prescription. It works very well as is will entirely suppress your appetite so that you won’t have any unnecessary cravings. It is quite a hefty drug though, so be sure to consult your doctor to make sure it’s the right fit for your weight loss journey. Phentermine is illegal to purchase without a prescription so don’t make to hasty a decision with this diet supplement. It also has some adverse side effects, the worst being intense physical reactions and weight gain after finishing using it.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical tree fruit kind of similar in shape to a pumpkin. It contains acid that is similar to citric acid that is also in lemons and oranges. This acid, in theory, helps to supress appetites and speed up metabolism. Skinny Medical Garcinia Cambogia combines this acid along with other ingredients to help with weight loss. It does have a high amount of caffeine, which means that you would be able to exercise more often and for longer. This would probably mean you could burn more fat since you would be more active.

For those who have arthritis, the capsicum extract would help with weight loss and joint inflammation. It is supposed to help suppress appetites which allows the body to work on burning existing fat. Capiscum also help address cancer as it contains lycopene which is an anti-cancer compound.

Phen 375 focuses more on boosting metabolisms, instead or acting as an appetite suppressor. It contains four strong ingredients including caffeine and capsaicin which are all natural and help with calorie burning.

Yerba Mate is a fairly popular tea, and originates a South American plant. It helps to increase the metabolism and fat burning process. This means that users have more energy to work out and stay alert. It acts as a stimulant similar to caffeine but doesn’t have the extra jittery effects that caffeine brings. It is also supposed to help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Hydroxycut has been around for about 10 years and provides extra energy while reducing appetites. One downside is that for those who are anxious the extra caffeine can cause some issues. It is still recommended that you exercise and eat healthy to make sure that you are maximising the diet supplements affects.

Panax Ginseng is a common weight supplement that is grown in parts of Asia. It is used to increase stamina, improve thinking and helps with endurance. It has a whole other host of benefits including treating cancerous cells and boosting the immune system. Since it helps with athletic performance, it is a good choice for those who are using exercise as their main weight loss technique.

Guarana contains a good amount of caffeine which in theory speeds up the body’s metabolic rate and boosts energy levels. It is a tropical fruit that is fairly popular with bodybuilders since it gives them a jolt of energy to complete their workouts.

Kola Nut Extract also acts similarly to caffeine, which suppresses appetites and boost metabolism. It also helps to improve oxygen levels which clears the mind and improves the oxygenation of the blood.

The acai berry is quite popular for weight loss as it is high in antioxidants. There are some studies suggest that the acai berry has no effect on weight loss so while it might be healthy it might not help you lose weight.

The African mango is a fruit grown on trees in West and Central Africa. The nut of the mango contains the weight loss secrets that can help to melt away fat. It also has the potential to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Maltodextrin is a popular sports performance supplement that shows up in many sports drinks or shakes. It is a great source of carbohydrates that fools your body into thinking it’s been fed. This helps to decrease the desire to eat between meals.

Picking the right diet supplement is important on your weight loss quest. Ensuring that you lose weight in a manageable and healthy way is the most important thing. Watching your appetite and checking in with your energy levels throughout the process is an excellent way to track how the pills are affecting your life.