Can You Lose Weight With Yoga? Get Trim With This Great Routine


You may have gone through a number of different fad diets and exercise routines which are promised amazing results but delivered only over a short amount of time. The good news is yoga has been scientifically linked to weight loss and if you are willing to regularly do yoga as well as eat a relatively healthy diet, you can lose weight effectively.

Some of the more rigorous types of yoga including Bikram and Ashtanga can be extremely effective at assisting with weight loss.

“By keeping your heart rate up and by continuing to tone your body with muscle growth of yoga, the exercise can work together as weight training as well as cardio.”

If you are interested in introducing yoga into your workout routine or you want to try your hand at losing weight with yoga, consider some of the following top positions to assist with your progress:

Lose Weight With Yoga

Starting In Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is one of the main poses that starts many type of yoga circuits. To begin the mountain pose the idea is to try and stand as tall as possible with your feet directly together or just a little way apart.

Place your arms at your sides and then slowly move your palms together into a praying position. Move your shoulders back and pushed them down while trying to lift your chest. This pose can stretch out your body and ready you for future poses as well as assist with breathing so that your body can be ready to exercise for the future.

Setu Bandh

Move To The Setu Bandh

This pose is otherwise known as the bridge pose and it can be an excellent core exercise. This involves lying on your back and folding your knees upward while holding your feet apart at a distance. Keep your knees and your ankles in a straight line to each other and keep your arms directed beside your body with your palms facing outward.

Start by gently inhaling as you begin to lift your back off of the floor. Touch your chin and your chest together and try to roll your shoulders back without bringing your chin down at all. Continue breathing while holding the position for a few minutes and as you move down from the bridge position exhale deeply.

Plank Yoga Pose

Plank Pose

As you are already on the floor it could be a good time to work your core with a simple plank pose. Turn your body over and place your arms at your side with your feet slightly apart. The goal is to get into nearly a push-up position with your arms straight underneath your shoulders and your legs behind you.

Keep your back is flat as possible in an attempt to keep your core working. Begin reading deeply and hold yourself upwards from the floor for a few moments and then lower yourself back down towards the floor. Your chest in your chin can also meet the floor with deep breathing.

Make sure to keep your elbows close to your rib cage and flatten your feet down to the floor to relax the pose further. Repeat this several times and be sure to keep your core engaged throughout. This is a great way to target belly fat.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Half Fish Pose

The half fish pose is traditionally known as the Ardha Matsyendrasana. For this position you will move up to sit on the floor with your legs first stretched out completely in front of you. Start by bending your knees and placing your feet directly on the floor, start to lightly slide your left foot underneath your right leg and work to make sure that the outside of your left leg remains off the floor.

Slowly move your right foot over top of the left leg and let it sit outside of the left side of your hip. “Saying with your right hand stretched along the left side of your backside and attempt to move your right forearm to your thigh. Start with a light exhale and begin turning your side towards your right thigh.

Try to hold the position for at least 30 seconds and then reversed the configuration holding your body to the other side. This will work core muscles in a seated position as well as strengthen leg muscles.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Downward Facing Dog

A downward facing dog position involves standing up first and placing your hands and feet shoulder width apart. The goal is to then bend your body into a triangle shape by placing your feet and hands on the floor and curling your toes for stability. Press your hips upwards to strengthen the triangle and keep your buttocks as the top of the triangle.

Keep your shoulders and your neck extremely relaxed and without tension. If you experienced tightness in your hamstrings you could also consider keeping your knees bent a little. Try to keep your feet and hands flat against the mat and attempt to hold this position for at least five full deep breaths.

By following through with some of these positions and finishing once again in mountain pose, you can work at having a daily yoga workout routine which will eventually help you lose weight. In order to consistently lose weight with yoga you have to remember to regularly complete these positions as well as eat a fairly healthy diet. With these two conditions met daily or at least five times a week, you can start to see some huge weight-loss benefits.